Our Services

We understand that in business, time and money are precious. Let us show you how our custom software solutions can help you make the most of both.

We are skilled software developers and experienced business consultants who believe in a ground up approach to learning about the challenges and goals of your business. By working in this way, we can create a custom software solution that helps you to delight your staff and customers. Which always leads to more profit.

Custom Software Development

Our innovative software will scale your business

Sometimes off-the-shelf software solutions just won't cut it for your business, especially when you want to grow and evolve. And they're not where you'll find the competitive edge.

We create custom software that's built around your business and tailored to your customer's needs and behaviour. This boosts productivity by empowering your team to work smarter and faster, helps you outperform the competition, and makes your business truly responsive to the ever-changing market.

Customer Experience

We'll help you go beyond customer satisfaction

The experience your customer has when they interact with your business is crucial to its success and growth. That's why we analyse your business from a customer's perspective and come up with innovative solutions to make them happy at every point. Be it paying their invoices, signing up and paying online, or simply implementing a contact us form.

Happy customers make for a healthy balance sheet.

Software Consultation

We will do amazing things with your existing software

If there's a solution to your challenges and goals using the software you already have, we'll find it. We're smart like that. We can link up your existing software so that your databases and apps talk to each other. This avoids double handling, which makes staff happier and more productive.

Hello, improved customer service!

If we can't find a clever solution with what you have, we can also recommend other off-the-shelf software solutions, which are a cost effective way for a business to become more dynamic.

Business Process Automation

We will boost your productivity

When you automate your business, you make it more efficient and more profitable. By implementing software to carry out manual tasks, productivity goes through the roof and you eliminate frustrations for your staff.

What does automation look like? It could be that when your customer signs up, an invoice is automatically sent to them. Or when a specific database field is filled in by a member of staff, it changes the status of your customer from inactive to active. By letting the software do the work for you, imagine how you could revolutionize your Sales, Marketing and Accounts teams!

Almost anything can be automated, and once it is, you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world!

Going Paperless

Save serious money by going paperless

Imagine no more post, no more printing and no more scanning. A beautiful thought, isn't it? By implementing new software into your business, we can take you totally paperless.

We've saved businesses thousands on printing and postal costs, so by eliminating the laborious paper trail, you too can make more profit.

It's also a win for productivity. Instead of doing mundane tasks such as binding scanning, photocopying, printing post labels and doing post office runs (the list goes on), your staff could be focusing on sales and customer service. And think about all the trees you could save...

We use an Agile Development Strategy

We build all of our software in small incremental stages, and in close consultation with you. These small stages are called 'sprints' that consist of 2-3 weeks of work based upon an agreed set of priorities. At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate our work and get your feedback. Then we set out new priorities together and start the next stage.

By working in these little sprints, you get total visibility and transparency every step of the way, and we get to identify any problems or changing priorities as we go. Because we know in business, that's the way it goes. But don't worry, we're agile. So we take it all in our stride while delivering incredible software.

We also know that as a business owner, you never stop. So we don't just sign a contract then disappear. We will be in close contact with you whenever suits you best, even if that's out of working hours.