Discover how to make your RTO more profitable!

Do you want to take your RTO to the next level? Do you want to be the number one choice in your industry?

I am going to let you in on a secret - software can take you there!

About 10 years ago, technology was obviously not as evolved as it is today. It was perfectly normal to manage your students via an excel spreadsheet, as it was an easy and cost effective way to store data on a computer. Here are some challenges that come with using an excel spreadsheet:

1. Only one employee can be editing at a time – incredibly frustrating!

2. There is duplicate data entry required as you would then need to enter the same information into your reporting system, accounting system, and so on. This is a waste of time and money that could be better spent on servicing customers, getting sales or improving processes.

3. The risk of data entry errors is significantly higher as it is incredibly easy to type over the incorrect cell. It is human nature to make mistakes, however software can minimise, if not eliminate this risk.

4. There is nowhere to store paperwork related to your students, therefore there are generally duplicate filing systems. Quite a few RTOs are halfway to paperless so there are bits of paper and electronic documents saved in a variety of places.

5. Due to all of the above, when it comes time for an audit, it’s all hands on deck for hours on end trying to round up everything ASQA or your local government have requested. Talk about stressful!

Does a simple, easy to use, online system sound like a dream to you?

Here are a few solutions that can be implemented, with and without assistance from a software company, that will get you on your way to becoming a more streamlined, profitable Training Provider.

1. Electronic Signature Software – send electronic documents for signature via email. No need for printing, paper, scanners or postage. Just take a moment here. Think about how much money that would save. This can be easily and quickly implemented into your RTO. We made a video about it - that’s how much we love Electronic Signatures! Check it out here.

2. Google Sheets – now I’m really not saying spreadsheets are the way to manage your business. However, they are better than Excel for the purpose of tracking and maintaining information. Google sheets allow multiple users to edit the spreadsheet at any given time. They are easy to export to use the data for reporting and they can be a good tool for project management (I’m thinking of the nightmare of training package transitions here!).

3. Slack – I will be writing a whole blog dedicated to this software at a later date so I will just touch on it here. Slack is the number one communication tool currently on the market. Improve your team morale, create chat rooms for students and trainers, get notifications about payments made via Xero - Slack can integrate with so many software applications. Seriously, do yourself a favour and look into it. It’s generally FREE too, depending on how you want to use it.

4. Custom CMS – This will change your world. Let’s use a real life example here so you can understand just how amazing this can make your business.

A potential student enters their information online as they are interested in your course, your Sales/Signups team are notified (via slack!) and call to clarify so you can determine if they are eligible for funding and so on. They would then click one button which sends any documents required out via email for signatures. This would automatically send an update to the Customer Service team and they would welcome the student to your RTO and get them logged into your LMS. The Customer Service Rep clicks a button which releases learning for the student in their online portal.

This can all happen within an hour. Yes, I am completely serious. You can have a potential student enrolled and learning within an hour of them entering their info on your website.

5. Custom Features – Some examples for you to think about include;

  • A phone app for your learning materials
  • A reminder feature for your Sales and Customer Service teams
  • A portfolio app for evidence gathering that trainers and students can access
  • A booking system that can link with google or outlook calendars
  • A reminder feature for your students so they turn up to their training

  • All of these features can be linked to existing software or built into a Custom CMS or LMS.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. We are incredibly passionate about helping Training Providers become dynamic and efficient. We love hearing that a Training Provider has received positive feedback from their customers about how easy their online processes or software systems are to use. We are also incredibly happy when we hear of Training Providers whose profit margins and customer base has grown due to their new way of doing business!

    Do you want to increase your profit margins, customer base and improve your processes to save time and money?

    Of course you do. Click this link to book a time that suits you for us to have a no obligation chat. Actually, this calendar software (Calendly) is another solution you can implement too!

    Hope to talk to you soon.