Measuring your business to ensure its success

What makes a business successful? Is it consistently high sales? Is it a solid reputation within your industry? An ability to foresee potential sources of disruption and mitigate them? A dependable office management team?

It is true that a successful business is all this and a lot more.

When a business is your baby, your dream, you are so heavily invested in it becoming successful (and flourishing), that it is tempting to want to oversee all your employees work and processes, so that you can be assured that it is up to your standards.

Micro-management is bad for business

This ‘finger in all pies’ approach is known as micro-management, and it strikes fear into the hearts of employees. While you might think that you’re checking to see that they’ve done a good job, while giving them handy pointers, the effect on your employees can be devastating.

Micro-management can effectively say to your employees, “I don’t trust that you can do your job properly without my help”.

So, how do you ensure that your employees work is up to your high standards without constantly watching over their shoulders? How do you increase productivity and eliminate micro-management while staying on track? The answer lies in quantitative measurement.

Measuring business success effectively, with a hands-off approach

While we used to measure business success in ways such as writing up sales for the week on a whiteboard, we now have access to a far more powerful, far more automated way of doing things. We have access to software that can measure business success for us.

Now, we aren’t just talking about your sales figures. Think back to our opening. How would you measure the success of a business? There are a number of factors that you can choose to measure success by, through the use of software.

For instance, to measure:

  • Staff KPIs
    You can set up automated software that tracks each team member’s progress on a weekly basis to ensure they’re hitting targets. If each person is hitting their goals, then what does it matter if they leave work early on a Friday afternoon? Implement plans to stay on track for employees that aren’t performing effectively.

  • Customer service effectiveness
    If you are struggling with inefficient customer service, you can implement streamlined software solutions such as electronic signatures and online ticketed support systems to save staff and customers time. Track customer service over time with feedback forms to see the improvements automated systems make to your customer satisfaction. Hint: it’s a lot!

  • Your business against the competition
    Finding it difficult to get a greater share of the market? Think about your customer acquisition - and retention - methods. Is it easy to contact your business, sign up, manage accounts with you? If your competition makes it easier, then why would customers choose your business? Switch to software solutions to make life easier for them. Measure your rates of acquisition and retention to see how your business is performing.

  • Monitor your business anytime, from anywhere in the world
    Web based measurement software solutions that monitor your business mean that you can see how your business is performing, from anywhere, at any time - meaning there is no need to be constantly looking over your employees’ shoulders. Take a two-week holiday and stay informed, go over the week’s progress on the weekend, it’s up to you.

  • A custom software solution to help measure your business

    If you aren’t quantitatively measuring your business, then you can never be sure just how effectively it is running. A custom software solution, built to measure the important parts of your business, will inform you if you’re hitting your targets, week in, week out.

    Our software company in Melbourne is experienced in building software systems to help measure your business.

    At Webbernet, we work with businesses in:

  • Determining your business goals
  • Defining success in your business within the context of measurable attributes
  • Developing configurable software that automatically measures these attributes, stores the data, and reports on performance on an ongoing basis

  • When you are measuring your business, you can actively see the effects of trying out new processes, suppliers, marketing techniques, etc.

    If you are ready to start the conversation with us about transforming your business into a more effective, measured success, then call us on 1300 895 991, or email